"We know there are two key power grids that feed the Generator Well,” said Athellus. “It’s been hooked up to main power for about two weeks, which means they’re nearly finished building it. The Well has both a primary and a backup. If we can knock those out, it’ll overload the Well’s central core. We think their control buildings are on this side of the river, but we don’t know exactly where.”

“And before you ask,” put in Kaire, dryly, as if this was some petty quibble, “no, it won’t kill anybody. The overload should fry all its systems and just finish it off like –“

She swept a hand down, exactly the same way she did when she was fighting – Dax could even have sworn he heard a steely rustle. He thought of how Athellus had snapped his fingers when they were talking about Jayton Ember’s death, and gulped.

"So our first job is to locate those two control buildings and then destroy them,” said Dax, trying to get back to the point. “How do we find them?”

Kaire scratched at the side of her cheek, on the left side where the markings on her face sawtoothed across. “There is …a very old computer system not far from here. It’s hardwired into the city network but it’s not dependent on it. We can use it to hack into the Evinthei records and find out where the two control buildings are.”

Dax watched her face. He had a good idea that this was what she and Athellus had been muttering about the first night they had slept in the Chapel, the reason she had spent most of her time up in the bell tower. Even if he hadn’t heard that little conversation, the grim expression on Athellus’ face and the look in Kaire’s eyes were enough to set off a few warning bells.

“I thought you couldn’t use human machinery,” he said, hoping this would prompt answers to the dozen other questions he wanted to ask.

“It’s not that sort of computer,” Kaire said quietly.

Dax felt a chill. “Is it…dangerous?”

“It’s about as dangerous as blundering through the city looking for the control buildings ourselves,” Athellus replied, brusquely. “And it’s a hell of a lot faster.” He used the flat of his hand to brush the map off the flagstones underfoot. “Or it will be, if we get packed up and get out of here.”



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